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Modern, funky dog paintings on canvas. Contemporary puppy art paintings by Iain Michael.

Ordering and Commissions

Paintings on a wall

All of my portraits are hand-painted, acrylic on stretched ‘chunky’ (approximately 1.5 inches deep) ‘ready to hang’ canvas. This gives them a deep, rich intensity of colour, with ‘colour-wrapped’ painted edges therefore they do not require framing.

Placing an order is easy, simply let me know which of my images you would like me to paint for you.

If you require a bespoke commission from a pet photograph, it's easy and we can work together as follows:

Give me an idea of the styles that you like by telling me which are your favourite characters from my website.

Choose the sort of colour background you'd like to compliment your room, all colours are mixed specifically to order by eye, therefore are individual and personal (take a look at the galleries for some inspiration). Don't forget also, colour reproduction may vary slightly from your computer screen. Alternatively, describe the colour decor of your room where the portrait will be placed and, taking into account the dog's colours I will make suggestions for you.

Consider the size of the portrait to fit your space. I like to add an quirkiness by ‘offsetting’ the image (dependent on the photo) and not automatically placing the image in the centre of the canvas (you will notice this in the galleries). However, this is a personal preference which can only be achieved on larger canvas sizes.

Email me your favourite photo, or a small selection (jpegs please and not too large), along with a few lines of any specifics, the things that make your dog unique such as unusual colouring, quirks or unusual habits.

I will take a look at your images and requirements and reply with any suggestions and a quote for the portrait and shipping (please remember to let me know whereabouts you are), along with a lead time for your painting (usually 2-3 weeks).

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Contact: puppyemail@aol.com